Dolphin Wetsuit



The Dolphin Arc Barefoot Suit!

The Dolphin Arc Barefoot suit is constructed with high quality 4mm neoprene and utilizing 13mm foam in the upper body (chest and back) with 13mm foam in the butt to provide both the right mix of protection and flexibility. This suit has cinches in the leg to keep the suit in place so you can tumble and faceplant to your hearts content!

The Arc suit is designed for a simple yet striking look, utilizing a strong graphic and design theory we have designed a great looking and elegant suit that will be the envy of your threesome...or foursome!  We don't judge.  


Why Arc? Why that name?  The Arc at the bottom the zipper, in the picture, reminds us of an arc, which is a classic Neil Young Album of noise and feedback from his early 90's tour with Crazy Horse.  Arc is a 90 or so minute feedback and noise CD that was attached to early pressing of the Weld live CD.  We love it, and the Arc in the suit makes us think of it.  Hence the name Arc.