About Us

Today Fairfield Line is an innovative quality supplier of work gloves.  We
have evolved to sell custom made work gloves, but also offer ski and
snowboard gloves, winter gear, and personalized apparel and hats.  Our
website offers only a selection of items, and if you'd wish to get in touch
with us we stand by the statement from our 1928 Fairfield Glove and Mitten
Catalog opening statement:

"The large variety of work gloves and mittens illustrated and described on
the following pages offers a most complete line with styles suitable for
every requirement- for every kind of labor.  However if there is any style
of work gloves not shown or listed herein that your needs demand, contact
, we can no doubt supply you."

We are located in Fairfield Iowa, and have been for over 100 years. Let us
know how we can serve you!